Are You Ready For A Story?

I want to be 100% honest with you. I love writing and creating different worlds for people to get lost in, but I'm just starting out, so it's not easy. I'm doing this full-time (with one or two jobs on the side) so my family looks to me to do what  needs to be done. 

If you look at Amazon's e-book ranks, New York Times or hell the top Hollywood movies. You can see there is a lack of representation for people of color. I've only been at this a year and I've noticed people of color have to work twice as hard to get signed or get their books in the hands of a reader. 

That's only being the creator, it's a whole other story if your main character is a person of color or a female. I thought in this day and age readers were beyond things like that and just want to get lost in a good story, but it seems that's not always the case. I'm going to keep pushing for strong leads that are of color and different backgrounds and that means some months I won't be making anything at all. 

So if you want to support me in others ways than just buying my books here are a few things you can do:

  1. Leave a review and tell a friend about my books. Word of mouth is still the best way to promote something you love.
  2. Head over to my shop and get you a signed book or poster. They look epic on your wall and they put a little cash in my wallet.
  3. You can head over toKo-FI and leave me a tip. This is an awesome site that allows you to tip creators through your Paypal and thank them for their work. It keeps me from sitting on the street asking for a handout (Will write for Ko-FI)‚Äč
  4. Or if you really believe in me and what to see me keep pushing forward. Sign up to be a Patreon and donate an amount each month. Get exclusive looks at up coming books, stories that may never be seen by the public and one of those awesome posters.

Whatever way you choose to support me, thank you. You are by far one of the most awesome people I know. I'll keep chasing the dream and fighting the fight, in your name.

~Sylvester Barzey