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First let me thank you for taking the time to include me in your world. I’m always pumped to talk about horror, marketing, comics, and myself! That might be my favorite topic. Here are some things to help you with your press packet, for promoting the event. If there is anything more you need, feel free to request it in the form at the bottom.

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Sylvester Barzey is a United States veteran, a husband and a monster wrangler of a five year old beast. While all those things can fill up a website of their own, what we’re here to talk about is Sylvester Barzey the author. Sylvester’s writing journey started a long time ago but he never really dived into writing as a career until recently. 2017 is when he launched his Planet Dead series (post-apocalyptic zombie horror) and he has been producing content for his fanbase ever since. He focuses on using diverse characters to push down the wall that is the horror/fantasy genre. His goal is to prove that people of color and women can kick as much ass as any of Hollywood’s blockbuster stars and tell a great story while doing it.

Diversity & Zombies

The zombie genre has been demanding the attention from fans ever since George A. Romero’s “Night of The Living Dead” and while the genre looks to Romero’s work as the corner stone of the universe, it ignores some major factors of that amazing work of art, such as the gamble, courage and visionary thinking of having Duane Jones who played the scene stealing Ben as a lead role. Zombie media celebrates and recognizes Romero for this amazing work but just my googling zombie movies or books you can see that very few have taken from his playbook. Planet Dead is a series that acts as a lover letter to Romero and Jones’ epic work on that iconic film by continuing to push the envelope by telling the stories of minority groups that are seldom seen as the heroes and anti-heroes of the genre.

Take a look into Planet Dead’s World and see how it’s helping change the genre with characters like Catherine and Trinity, who are here to kick ass and take names.

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Horror At Every Click

While writing novels is what pays the bills, Sylvester also supplies other content for horror fans. The Survivor’s Den is a private blog and Facebook group for Sylvester’s fan base that dive deep into horror, zombies and they get chapters of Sylvester’s current work in process. The normal horror blog has reviews, articles and recommendations for horror fans. Planet Dead Radio is a horror podcast that Sylvester co-host with his wife Angel Barzey. The pair talk about horror news, writing topics and stream-able horror movies on networks like Shudder, Netflix, Amazon & Hulu.