Arrowverse Stars Who Moonlight As Scream Queens


Well it’s October, that beautiful time of the year where everything spooky is praised and loved. It’s also the time of the year that The CW brings back their shows for the fall line up. I’m a big fan of their DC superheroes content. The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and now Black Lightning (They also have the Legends but I’m willing to pretend it doesn’t exist if you are) make up what fans call The Arrowverse, a shared universe of superhero shows with some amazing action and actors. But tights and family friendly fun isn’t all these heroes know. This blog combines two of my favorite things, Comics & Horror! Let’s take a look at some of the Arrowverse’s Stars Who Moonlight As Scream Queens!

Danielle Panabaker


Danielle Panabaker is Team Flash’s go to medical genius, Caitlin Snow, who suffers from a bad case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. When Caitlin loses her temper, she becomes the anti-hero Killer Frost, but playing a murdering Ice Queen wasn’t Panabaker’s first time dancing with evil. Danielle also stared in a number of horror movies like Piranha 3DD (2012), Girls Against Boys (2012), The Ward (2010) and the 2009 remake of the horror classic Friday The 13th with Supernatural star Jared Padalecki. The Flash better watch out, Danielle knows her way around a machete.

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Katie Cassidy


Next up is Arrow’s resident jack of all trades Katie Cassidy, who plays Laurel Lance on the hit tv show. Not only has Cassidy played a superhero but she’s also been, an alcoholic, a lawyer, a street fighter, a villain, an anti-hero and a demon? Yeah, fans of the second generation star will remember her run on CW’s other hit show Supernatural where she played heroes/baddies Ruby and Lilith. But TV is just one of Cassidy’s horror playgrounds, she’s also been in a number of horror movies, like; Wolves At The Door (2016), The Lost (2006), and some remakes of horror classics such as, When A Stranger Calls (2006), Black Christmas (2006) and A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010). People are always harsh when it comes to remakes, because we have this strong attachment to the original work, but I’ve got to admit, I like the Black Christmas and Elm Street remake. They may not be on the level of the original movies, but for the time they came out and the entertainment they provided, I thought they were great. Now if the remake of The Green Arrow could get their act together and put Oliver with Black Canary that would be great.

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My Personal Favorites


Juliana Harkavy & Katie McGrath

Normally the title of a Scream Queen depends on the amount of work the actress does within the horror genre, but I personally think the body of work is what should matter, Quality over Quantity right? Even if they have one horror title to their name (which isn’t the case here) if that title is the mother fucking shit! Then she gets a crown. These are my two favorite CW Moonlighting Scream Queens, Juliana Harkavy (who plays Dinah Drake aka Black Canary on Arrow) and Katie McGrath (who plays Lena Luthor on Supergirl)


These women stared in two of my favorite horror projects of all time, Harkavy’s 2014 Last Shift and McGrath’s 2016 Slasher. These things are epic! Last Shift is my favorite, paranormal movie ever. It stars Juliana Harkavy as Jessica Loren, a rookie cop whose first assignment is to man the phones at a soon to be abandoned police station that may or may not be haunted by the ghost of a Manson like family of killers. This movie took me on a ride, I just thought I was gonna watch another random movie on Netflix but I found a gem. Harkavy killed this role and is killing it on Arrow as well. If Last Shift isn’t enough to get her a seat at the horror table then might I also point out she was on The Walking Dead…Case Closed.


Now, McGrath is a Scream Queen and I don’t care what anyone says, because she stared as the final girl in one of the best horror tv shows ever, yes I’m talking Slasher! This was a tv series much like MTV’s Scream and Fox’s Scream Queens where a masked killer is on the loose and the final girl spends the whole season figuring out who the killer is, but Slasher does it ten times better. Slasher originally aired on Chiller (which went the way of soap net and other awesome channels) but I saw it when it came to Netflix and it blew me away! McGrath played Sarah Bennett a woman who returns to her hometown where she is known as the only survivor of a Halloween massacre (so like a horror Harry Potter) upon her return she learns of a copy cat killer & she must finally face her past.

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Last Shift


Well those are just some of The Arrowverse Scream Queens, if you know of any others then be sure to post them in the comments. If you want to stay updated when I write these blogs, get discounts, exclusive stories and access to The Survivor’s Den, sign up and become a Survivor Among The Living!