Horror Shoutout! (Holiday Deals)


Hey Survivors & Potential Zombies,

For some people across the land known as the United States, its Turkey Season/Black Friday Madness! For those who have never taken part in Black Friday Shopping, let me fill you in. It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving when stores have massive sales and Old Ladies slap your hands away from the last Dory The Explorer doll that you found for you niece, so you have to get this creepy looking doll that opens its eyes when it sits up. You ruin Christmas along with most of your niece’s childhood...or maybe that’s just me. So, this year for my horror loving family I created this PSA, Skip The Lines & Golden Tickets!

Check out these awesome deals!

Kindle Unlimited is an amazing find for any reader! For 9.99 a month you can borrow up to ten awesome books for however long you need and turn them in for other awesome books. Some books even come with audio & you don’t even need a kindle to use it, you can download the kindle app on anything, sign in and read your books. I do most of my reading on my phone, one series I’m starting is “The Aftershock” series by writing power couple Valerie & Kristopher Lioudis


This two book, on going series, follows a group of survivors in the zombie infested state of New Jersey. Word spreads that there is a Safe Heaven somewhere in the state, a place where they can regroup and may even be able to call home. The race is on as Survivors flock toward this oasis in the apocalypse but is it real or just a trap? And if it is real, can our survivors make it a home or will they lose it to the apocalypse like everything else? I don’t know, but I’m ready to find out.

Grab Kindle Unlimited  

Grab The Aftershock Series


Now here is a deal you can knock out an old lady for (I know, I should let it go, but she was so mean!) NY Times Best Selling Author E.E Isherwood has put his Apocalyptic series “Sirens Of The Zombie Apocalypse” on sale. You get books two and three of this six part series for .99 cents...oh and book one is FREE! Try and find a deal better than that at Toys R Us (whose security does nothing when you’re attacked by the elderly)

This series follows Liam (no relation to Planet Dead’s Liam, or is there? No there really isn’t, or is there?) your everyday couch potato who’s more focused on binge watching Netflix and playing video games than living life. Sadly for Liam, when the Sirens sound and the zombies rise, life as he knows it is over and all that’s left is survival. Liam has to put down the controller and fight to find out what’s going on and if it can be stopped.

I just grabbed the first three books in the series and you should do the same. I can’t wait to see what kind of zombie madness Liam gets into. 

Grab The “Sirens Of The Zombie Apocalypse” 


Well that’s all the deals I know of right now, If you guys know of any other horror based deals, feel free to post them below. Make sure your turkey is cooked to 165F or above, breast cook faster than thighs and legs, so check the whole turkey and as always

Planet Dead books are .99 cents