5 Horror Movie Picks (Netflix 05/04/2018)

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Hey Scream Queens & Kings! If you're like me, you have an unhealthy addiction to Netflix. If you're not like me, well then aren't you lucky. I love Netflix, I've been on it since they started with just the DVD rentals but streaming took my love for it to another level. I watch a lot of TV shows on it with the wife, but when I sit down to watch a movie, 9 times out of 10, it's gonna be a horror movie. So I went through the list of horror movies and picked out five that I love and think you should see. So let's just jump into it:


Cabin Fever (The Original):

I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's a new deal, or perhaps someone at Netflix has a crush on Eli Roth, but they have a lot of Cabin Fever Content. Cabin Fever (2002), Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, Cabin Fever (2016 Remake) but I'm just talking about the first one because it's the best out of the series of movies and because it's got Shawn "Motherfucking" Hunter in the lead role. So this movie has been out a while like 16 years aww we should throw it a party. It's your basic horror concept, kids decide it's a good idea to go off to a cabin in the woods to get high, have sex and of course, die one by one due to a flesh-eating virus. I love this movie, because of the chilling tone, because of Rider Strong and the crazy gore, every day I'm thankful I don't have to shave my legs because of this movie. If you can handle blood and gore and enjoy watching young adults get knocked off one by one, then this is for you.


Gerald's Game:

Okay, I'll admit it right here right now, I had no idea how many books Stephen King had out. I normally grabbed a book after I saw a movie, but it's a massive backlist! Gerald's Game is one of those titles in that list that Netflix masterfully created as a Netflix Original Movie. It stars Carla Gugino (Jessie Burlingame) & Bruce Greenwood (Gerald Burlingame), and it's a cabin in the woods movie with a twist! This husband and wife go out to their cabin for the weekend to rekindle their relationship. Jessie wants romance and Gerald wants some fifty shades of gray type loving. After being handcuffed by Gerald, the couple gets into a fight which leads to Gerald having a heart attack. So Jessie is handcuffed to the bed, with no one around for miles and no one planning to come see them for days. This movie really surrounds Jessie and her internal thoughts about what's happening now and what happened to her in the past. Carla killed this role, it was by far one of my favorite 2017 horror movie picks. Don't let the overall concept drive you away, it's worth the watch. Then again I like Frozen, and that was just people sitting on a ski lift sooooo



This movie was terrific! I really didn't expect much from it, but it was great. It's a home invasion movie, but the homeowner is deaf, so every scene that would typically be tense is taken to a whole other level. The main character is a writer, so you know that speaks to me, it stars Kate Siegel (Maddie) & John Gallagher Jr. (The Man) It's a fresh concept, and the overall movie just feels intense. It's got The Strangers vibe, but I like it more than The Strangers and Don't Bearth which is another movie with a main character who has a disability. Maddie has to fight for her life, and she uses where writer wits to take this movie to another level.


Last Shift:

This movie blew me away! Take a rookie cop who's trying to walk in her hero father's footsteps, toss in a soon to be abandon police station, mix in a crazy cult leader then add a shot of demonic haunting and you have an epic ghost story. This is a movie my wife always passed over because it didn't speak to her, but one day I was home alone, and I thought I would give it a try and I'm so happy that I did. I loved it! It stars Juliana Harkavy who you may know from The Walking Dead & Arrow, she plays Jessica Loren. This movie really just rest on Juliana's shoulders, and she pulls it off. The creepy urban legend or town ghost story of the cult that murdered a ton of people then killed themselves was so good, it really felt like a Manson fan's wet dream.


The Lost Boys:

If you know me, then you knew this was going to be on my list. I motherfucking love The Lost Boys. It's epic! In the world of writing, I would call it a YA Vampire story before they could walk in the daylight and sparkle. This is a classic, so I'm not going to go too into it, but a family moves to Santa Carla, CL for a new start after the mom divorces her husband. Her two boys try to fit in with the locals all while living under their grandpa's rules, well the oldest Michael meets a beautiful girl named Star who hangs with some local punks. Mike being the macho guy he is trying to show Star she's with the wrong guy by taking on JackBauer...I mean David, the leader of the group. Micheal apparently never ran into a gang before, but being jumped is the least of his worries. Mike finds out David, Star and the rest of the odd pack are Vampires, and now his gonna be the same unless his little brother Sam and his friends can save him by killing the leader of the Vampire Pack. 1987 Gold! Fight me if you think otherwise.


Anyway, that's my little list. As you can tell I didn't put any zombies on here, because I plan on writing a zombie list. Also, the Head Shot List of zombie reads is coming. Life has been crazy, I lost a few family members this month, two great men and I started up school again, so things have just been up in the air. I'm getting back on track so just ride it all out with me.

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