Planet Dead: No Way Out (Chapter One Part Two)

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These are the last known forms of communication from ground zero of the outbreak. These messages were found on the social website known as twitter:


Aaron: I sat by the balcony forever, just crying. I went to call 911, it's busy and there are breaking news reports all over the tv #helpme
Aaron: The dead or the living? They're walking around killing, no eating people. It's all over the tv. I should go, No stay & hide #Stayorgo
Aaron: I started packing, mostly clothes. No food, we were vegan, nothing we had would last long. I got a backpack of AE jeans #imfucked

Aaron: I loved this place & Jason. But I had to go. I opened the door & I was knocked down. By 2 women who slammed the door shut #Nowayout

Rachel: The door opened before we could knock & we rushed inside just in time. OMG #safe4now

Rachel: He shouted, "what the hell?" I rushed over & covered his mouth, he was shocked. Sound was deadly, Sarah & I knew that now #notaword
Rachel: I wanted to explain what was happening. But I didn't really know myself, all I knew was one-minute mom was fine & the next #shesdead
Rachel: Sarah filled him in. I stood by the door, just listening to the moans and the beating of broken bone against metal #KnockKnock
Rachel: Richard had a plan. The hall was filled with those things, so we needed a plan. He stared at the balcony #fuckthatplan

Rachel: They were trying to reassure me that jumping balconies wasn't as hard as it sounded. They went over the fundamentals #jumpordie

Journey into the world of zombies, crooked government, and family in Planet Dead. Click image for more info.

Journey into the world of zombies, crooked government, and family in Planet Dead. Click image for more info.

Rachel: I watched them leap 1 by 1 to the balcony below us, till it was just me looking at the street. I saw a body #seeingthefuture

Rachel: Maybe someone did this & it didn't end well, I was scared but they were calling 4 me. I heard the door push open. I jumped #nonet

Sarah: My feet hit the balcony & I cheered on the inside, I won! I was getting sick of losing, then I heard Rachel screaming #itsnotover

Sarah: All I thought was 'another lose' 1st, my husband, then my BFF, now her kid. One right after another. Stop it, Sarah! #itanotaboutme

Sarah: I wanted to save her, but my legs didn't move. Richard didn't have the same reaction, he grabbed a hold of Rachael #lastsecondsave

Sarah: I pulled myself together when Rachel's feet hit the safety of the balcony. I asked if she was okay, she ignored me #notallofusareheroes

Sarah: We made it, it was only one floor below, but we made it. I smiled, then I heard a metallic click, my smile fell #dontshoot

Aaron: I put my hands up when I heard "don't fucking move" I wasn't in the mood for this, any of this #Ijustwannago

Aaron: "We mean no harm, we're just trying" My words were cut off as a hand grabbed me, pulling me into the room. I spun around #fightordie

Rachel: I heard everything, the click of the gun loading, Richard pleading our case, but I didn't care. I was just happy 2 be alive #blissed

Rachel: I looked 2 see Rich, fighting with an old man. "Stop it!" I got to my feet "leave him alone!" #hadenough

Aaron: Rachel pulled me back. The gun was in my hands now & I pointed it at the old man's head. Rachel jumped in the middle #triggerhappy?
Aaron: "It's Mr. Lopez" she cried, I don't know him & 4 a moment I didn't care. My hand's shaking, my heart's racing #killorbekilled?

Aaron: Sarah put her hand over the shaking gun & leaned on my shoulder "It's okay" she said. I lowered the gun & backed up #thisisntokay

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Sarah: Richard just stood there as Rachel and I explained. Mr. Lopez was Gabriel's father. Gabriel was the handyman for the build #nowayout
Sarah: He didn't speak much English & he only really left the apt to take walks. "Where's Gabriel?" I asked & he looked away #nowayout
Sarah: Rachel asked him in Spanish. He wouldn't make eye contact with us. Then we heard it, a moan coming from the back room. #nowayout
Sarah: We all stood there staring, Richard raised the gun with his shaky hands & took a step forward. Mr. Lopez cried out "No!" #nowayout
Sarah: The moaning stopped. The apartment was silent. All I could hear was my heartbeat. Then a chilling scream came from the room #NoWayOut

Rachel: I jumped, I keep telling myself to be brave, that it's gonna be okay, but it won't be okay ever again. "Where's Gabriel!" #NoWayOut
Rachel: Mr. Lopez's hand slowly came up pointing at the door that gave birth to those blood-chilling screams. "In there," he said #NoWayOut

Aaron: I followed his finger towards the dirty white painted door. It shook with every thunderous blow sent from the other side #NoWayOut
Aaron: The door was shaking as if it was about to come off its hinges. I took a step forward slowly and said " Gabriel?" #nowayout
Aaron: The pounding stopped and I swear my heart did too. I raised the gun quickly "His one of them isn't he" Sarah cried out #nowayout
Aaron: They were calling me back, but I couldn't hear them over my heartbeat, One last scream was heard and then the door went flying #nowayout

Sarah: The door came flying off the hinges. Richard dropped to the floor avoiding it. I wanted to run, but my legs felt frozen #NoWayOut

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