5 Deadly Women In Horror

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Hey! Yeah I know I've been away for a while, but I've been writing...I mean not this blog clearly but trust and believe I was hard at work. None the less I know you missed my little horror count downs, so I decided why not come back with a bang! These are 5 Deadly Women In Horror, I tried to stay away from most well known movies, but I had to add my favorite to the list. Now I'll try not to spoil the whole movie for you, but lets be real, this list will have spoilers. Lets Do This!


Sadie & McKayla: Tragedy Girls

What can I say about this beautiful beautiful movie? Oh, I can say this, Fox was not using Brianna Hildebrand & Alexandra Shipp to the best of their abilities. This fun little horror comedy follows Sadie & McKayla, two best friends, and true crime podcasters, who are on a mission to go down in history next to some of the world's greatest serial killers! Oh, and to raise the number of their Instagram followers, because I mean...That's what really matters in life. This movie was awesome and well worth the watch!

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Mary: American Mary

So I'm just gonna make this clear now, I love the Soska Twins and Katherine Isabelle! I love everything Ms. Isabella does and I stumbled onto my Soska Twins addiction, so a combo of them is a must-see for me (Fun fact this isn't the only movie this unholy trio have done, they also did "See No Evil 2", which for you WWE fans, stars Kane!) American Mary is a twisted revenge horror movie, with a dash? Umm with a lot of body horror. Mary is like any med student, she wants to be the best at what she does and she's also broke. So does she take a job at the local gas station or fast food joint? No, Mary is too classy for that, she dives head first into the dirty world of black market surgeries. There is a woman who wants to look like Betty Boop, I can't even explain how twisted this movie was, I love it!

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Hayley: Hard Candy

So, I have a hard time deciding if this is a horror movie or the origin story of a superhero. Hard Candy stars Ellen Page as a teenage Hayley & Patrick Wilson as Jeff a photographer who has been talking to Hayley online for a few weeks now. They meet up at a local coffee shop, now if you think this is a movie about everything that can go wrong with talking to a stranger on the internet, you would be 100% right and wrong. You see Hayley knows all about Jeff's sick life and hobby of preying on children and she's decided that someone needs to teach him a lesson. Such a wild movie!

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Esther: Orphan

Did you say you liked creepy little kids who act far too nice to be true? No, well don't tell Esther that, she doesn't take kindly to being turned down. This movie has one of the oddest twist in the past few years. I normally don't like twist, because I can see them a mile away but I wasn't ready to find out what was really wrong with Esther. It was a nice creepy mix of "The Good Son" & "The Bad Seed" if you haven't seen it, do not look it up, just watch it! The ending will be that much better.

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Mrs. Loomis & Jill: Scream 2 & 4

Alright, alright, I know there are more than five awesome women on this list and I know this last entry is two movies but I couldn't decide who was more badass Mrs. Loomis for roping in a young serial killer to help her get her revenge on Sidney for killing her son Billy or the young Jill who wanted to create her own final girl story to outshine her iconic cousin and become a star while she was at it. Mrs. Loomis gets some points for coming out of nowhere and taking the fight to who she feels is the villain of the whole story, but Jill! She took Scream to a whole other level, allowing you to see how Sidney's life was impacting the rest of the world, if this were real, I feel there really would be a Jill trying to get Followers and Fans by surviving a bloodbath. 

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Scream 2

Scream 4


Well, that's my list. Writing about these awesome, but crazy, women make me want to sit and have a little marathon of deadly women of horror or maybe just deadly women on ID. If you got any movies you think I should check out this weekend, just leave it in the comments. Also, check out our latest tee-shirt design for the crazy badass woman in your life. Find this and all other horror gear at Shop Dead!

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