Five Facebook Groups For Zombie Fans


Hey, Dead Heads! As many of you may know, I am addicted to social media. Now, I could blame this on being a self-published author but to be honest, I've always been addicted to Facebook & Instagram. While I have always loved Facebook, I never really got into groups until my writing career started and let me tell you, I wish I did it sooner. Groups on Facebook are places where you can connect with people who share the same interest as you. I use it to find internet BFFs but that's just me. So, today I wanted to take the moment to shout out some of my favorite Zombie Facebook Groups. 

Let's get this started:

Mike's Zombie Book & Movie Club

This group has been infecting Facebook with Zombie Awesomeness since 2012! I love scrolling through it and findings Walking Dead news and movie shoutouts. I watched "It Stains The Sand Red" because of this group. It's pretty active, there is a new post every day. If you like zombie images, zombie movies, books, shows & video games. Then you will love this Facebook group! 


Zombie Killers Two

If you're addicted to The Walking Dead there is no better place to get your Walker fix than Zombie Killers Two. They do Fear/TWD discussions after every new episode, they have Talking Dead updates, giveaways and an awesome set of admins who just want to share their love for The Walking Dead Universe. I pop in there from time to time to post any news about upcoming seasons, but for the most part, I'll sit back and just watch all the excitement from the fandom


All Things Zombie (ATZ)

Memes, Games, Trivia, Contest and more! ATZ has an extremely active group that surrounds the world of zombies. I don't make it in there as much as I would like, but when I do it's always a fun time. They have a new sister site that I'm sure I'll be in all the time called All Things Apocalyptic I'm super excited for this one, mostly cause it's new but also because it opens up the content to more things such as movies like The Bad Batch, Escape From New York, The Rain. I just love post-apocalyptic fiction so I can't wait!


Reanimated Writers Zombie Fiction Fan Group

The Reanimated group is a little different than the others because it's focus is on the Reanimated Writers, a group of indie authors who united to explore the genre together. You won't see book promos or random links anywhere, it's a place for fans and authors to get together. This group is a dream for an indie author because they do a lot of different things to help spotlight your work. There are group takeovers, head to head Facebook live interviews, live chats, a Podcast, anthologies, group promotions. If you can think of something that helps a writer, odds are The Reanimated group is already doing it. If you have any time, you should check out their website Reanimated Writers I may or may not be on an upcoming episode of their Podcast, so keep a look out for that.


Reading Zombie

The last group on this list is one of my favorites because I'm an admin! Yeah, I know, shameless plug but aside from being watched over by my creepy little eyes, you also have awesome authors sharing their content with fans, live videos, book reviews, memes, what if post, and more. Reading Zombie is a great place to find new authors in the zombie genre as well as connect with some of your favorites. It is so worth checking out, all of these groups are. So what are you waiting for? Get to joining!



Well, that's it. Hopefully, you guys found a few new places to hang out at while you're on the internet. I didn't even plug my own group Sylvester Barzey Fan Group where you can find updates, contest, news and just hang out with me...I didn't put it on the list because that would be in bad taste.

See you later Dead Heads!

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