Planet Dead: Love Bites Chapter Four

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4 Hours Ago

"Oh God! Oh God!" The strained ear-splitting screams were coming from down the hall of the abandon sheriff's station. It seemed like the whole two was pretty much abandoned, or they just saw newcomers being escorted through the streets by gunpoint and decided they wanted no part of that. I can't be mad at them, if Kevin saw something like that, he would have loaded up the car and drove us right out of town, but Kevin's not here and he never will be again.

"Umm, is she okay?" Joseph asked. I rolled my eyes and let my head hang back over my sit. The long walk, the bite and the stress of the damn apocalypse were all wearing me down. I was thirsty as all hell, which might have been due to all the sweat my body was pushing out. I twisted a bit under my masterly tied ropes and Joseph looked up at the armed guards, "It sounds painful," Joseph added.

"It does, I hope you're next," I said. 

"Shut up, the both of you. You ain't here to crack jokes." The guard said.

"Well that's gonna be hard for her, she's one of those sarcastic types," Joseph as he did his best attempt to point his head in my direction. I decided at that moment that I would never ever not want to kick him in the motherfucking nuts. 

"Shut up," I said.

"What? I don't want you getting shot because someone doesn't understand your humor," Joseph said.

"Shot? Sweetie, if anyone is gonna get shot, it's gonna be you." I said.

"That's not true," Joseph protested and like a ten-year-old, I responded.

"Yeah it is, tell him," I said looking at the guards, "He's next to die right?"

"That's not true is it?" Joseph asked.

"No one a get shot today." The deep Caribbean accent broke up the underlying tension in the room. I slowly turned my head to see him strolling through the doorway. His hair was cut short and clean. Which told me he didn't have anything to worry about. Anyone that takes the time to get a nice lineup and haircut during the apocalypse doesn't have a Goddamn care in the world, "No one unless they already dead." He said with a laugh.

"Well, they're infected. So some could be dead while others are dancing the line between dead and undead." Joseph said and I sighed.

"You a doctor?" Jarome asked.


"Yes, he patched me up when I sliced my arm open," I said raising my wrapped but stub of an arm into the air.

"Don't look like he did to good of a job. Anyone could cut off an arm, the point of a doctor is to save one." Jarome said. I wanted to talk up Joesph more, to make him seem more useful alive than dead because in return he might have some swing in keeping me alive, but I couldn't argue with Jarome's logic. If this was a sign of Joseph's medical knowledge then he's better off dead.

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Be Sure To Visit The Planet Dead Section Of The Website, Just Click The Image...I'm waiting? Oh, you wanna get this chapter done first? No, that's cool, that makes sense. Hope you enjoy and then come back and click!

The screaming started again and Joesph's head picked up, he listened for a moment and then he looked at Jarome, "I can take a look at her if that's what you want?" Joesph said.

"Yeah, we can-" 

"We?" Jarome said with a laugh, "What you a do with your one hand? You can't even clap," I won't lie, that one hurt. I put my best 'you got me' smile on but Jarome made my list of people who will be kicked in the nuts. I can still fucking do that. "No, you gonna go in lock up and you!" Jarome's finger pointed at Joseph and I watched as the guards or dreadlock wearing henchmen ripped him out of his feet, "We're gonna see if you're of some use," Joseph's eyes glanced at me and I knew excetly what he was thinking, because it's the same thing I was thinking,  'I hope to God he can be,'   

I felt the ropes fall from my body and then a firm hand grabbed onto the back of my neck. I rose to my feet and the first thought that entered my mind was to run, to escape. It was deadly thought, because honestly, where the hell would I go? I didn't know this town, I didn't know the people. Me stepping out of line right now was just gonna lead to me and Joseph being killed. Deadly thoughts aren't gonna save anyone, not right now. I was being guided down a long cement hallway, nothing that was too noteworthy, no doors but the one at the end of the hall. As we got closer I could hear faint sounds coming from beyond the door, but when the door opened it, "You son of a bitch! Let me the fuck out of here." The dirty mouth belonged to the very same person that got us in this mess. Ruby. Her fingers were wrapped around the iron bars of her cell. She leaned in and smiled, "Hey, where's your mouthpiece?" Ruby asked.

I rolled my eyes, "I was hoping you got eaten," I said softly.

"No, such luck," Ruby replied. The cell door opened and she instantly geared up to run, but the muzzle of a guards gun pressed into her forehead, "Back up, sweet cheeks," "Just pull the fucking trigger why don't you?" She shouted, her finger pointed into the center of her head, "Put me down, let this pup sleep, huh?" The dark request wasn't met with sympathy or sadness but with a buttstock to the face. She stumbled back a few steps and then dropped to the floor as the blood started to flow.

The guard turned to look at me and smiled, "Enjoy your new roommate when she wakes up," he said. The cell door made a chilling rattle as the metal slammed into metal. I stood still staring down at the woman with my back to the guards. I listened as their footsteps became more distant and then the door to the cellblock slammed shut. 

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"Fuck!" I shouted and rested my head on the bars of the cell. I'm not fully sure how I always end up in shit like this. First, it was being trapped in a Walmart bathroom because Kevin had to piss, then it was the car crash, losing my arm, the hidden horde of zombies and now jail time. My eyes slowly opened to a scene that I honestly wasn't ready for. There was a man in the cell across from me. His mouth was taped shut and he was chained to the metal bench in his cell. I watched as he twitched and moaned with each passing second. My eyes followed the twisting and turning of the bonded man's chains until they came to a sudden stop, "What the fuck?" I said softly to myself, sitting on top of this man's bare skin, right in the middle of his belly, was a metal cage with no bottom. In that cage was a large, dirty gray rat and as I took in the whole sight I could see the grim future that was to come. The cage was strapped down to the man and a hot plate sat on top of it. For those of you who can't handle this, I think it's best you look away. For those of you sick fucks who can handle this, well then you already know what happened. The cage got hot and the rat got hot. It didn't like that feeling too much, I'm sure it felt like an oven to him, so it looked for a way out. The only way out was down, through the sweet soft belly meat of that poor man. The screaming started as the rat's teeth and claws ripped into the man's flesh. I quickly turned away, because I'm not one of those people when I did that girl was on her feet staring at me.

"If you feel sorry for him, don't," Ruby said softly. I watched as she walked over to the metal bench that sat against the cinderblock wall, "They found him three weeks ago, holding up in the elementary school down the road." The screams grew louder and I went to cover my ears, it was an instinct to block out all the evil that was happening, but it was an instinct from the past before I had one hand. I stared at the stump with it's dark red bandage. "It was a good idea," Ruby finally said.

"What was?" I asked.

"Holding up in the school, a lot of food and books to read." Ruby said and fell back on the bench resting her head on the cool metal, "Which is why he wasn't the only person to think of it." Ruby's head turned slowly and she stared at me, her glaring making the screaming far more unsettling than it already was because she seemed unphased by it, like she this was normal for her, listening to a man scream to death, "A woman and her son were hiding out there. For days he made...use of them-"

"What do you mean 'made use of them," I asked.

"He had a gun, he had food, and he had shelter. What else would an asshole want?" Rubby asked.

I slowly turned my head to see the blood pushing from the man's tapped mouth, "he hurt them?" I asked

"That's one way of putting in, another way is he raped them three days past Sunday," Ruby said. She closed her eyes and turned her head toward the ceiling, "We thought we were saving a family until she told us," Ruby said.

"What happened to them?" I asked.

"The mother strangled her son and then hung herself," Ruby said.

"Oh my God," I said, the screaming was dying down, my eyes slowly made there way to the madness in the other cell. Blood was running down onto the floor like an overflowing sink.

"God didn't have anything to do with it," Ruby said, she rolled her eyes and glared at me once again, "So save your tears, you'll need them for yourself," Ruby said. 

The screaming stopped and Ruby's eyes closed, I stared down at my missing hand and then slowly lowered myself to the floor, "Where the fuck are you Kevin?" I muttered softly and I cried myself to sleep.

Right Now

"Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" Joseph shouted I shot up from the floor to see the guards tossing him into our cell. "There's a rat coming out of that guy's mouth!" Joseph continued. The guards slammed our cell shut and Ruby and I stared at Joseph, who couldn't pull his eyes away from the gruesome sight. 

"Hey," I said, snapping my fingers. Joseph turned his attention to me, "What the hell happened?" I asked.

"I...I had to help this pregnant woman," Joseph said.

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"Did you?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah, kind of," Joseph said.

"Don't tell me you cut off her hand too?" Ruby replied.

"No, her bite was on her ribs." Joseph snapped back.

"She got bit?" I asked.

"Yeah," Joseph replied.

"And you helped her?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah, I cleaned up her wound and made her rest, gave her some meds. She's sleeping," Joseph said.

"So she's gonna be okay?" I asked.

"Oh, no, no, no, she's gonna die," Joseph said and then he turned his head back to the dead man's cell and made a disgusted face, "but I told them she'll make it," Joseph said.

"What the hell you do that for?" I said. I watched as Joseph's lips slowly turned into a small smirk.

"To buy us some time, to escape, duh," Joseph said.

Ruby laughed and got to her feet, "Well, would you look at that. You're not a totally idiot after all," Ruby said.

"Umm, thanks?" Joseph replied slowly. He grabbed hold of the bars and shook them for a moment and then looked around the whole cell, before turning back to look at us, "So you ladies have any idea how to get out of here?" Joseph asked.

"I take it back," Ruby said quickly and we all sat down in our seprete parts of the cell.