Outside Of Planet Dead

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Hey Guys,

A lot of things have gone down these past two months, things I didn’t expect. I was forced to grow and really take a look at my current place in life. Personally, I’m not where I want to be, but I’m taking steps to move forward in my career, personal, and financial life. I’ve moved out of my current apartment and me and my family have downgraded. We plan on moving out west to Seattle, WA next year, so there is a lot of work and planning that will take place in the next few months.

I’m writing this just to let you guys know what’s going on and why I might not be around a lot. I’m going to have to prioritize what I spend my time on. I’m going to really focus on five things:

  • The Planet Dead Podcast

  • Planet Dead 3

  • Editing Current Books

  • Survivor’’s Den

  • My newsletter

Those are gonna be the key things outside of my family that I’ll be focusing on, so if I’m not doing that, you have the permission to knock some sense into me. Now, what does that mean for Jessica’s story? Well, It won’t be coming out as frequently as it has been, but I’ll still be working on it. If you enjoy Planet Dead: Love Bites or any of the other stories, be sure to join my newsletter and get your password for the Survivor’s Den because any short stories that do get created will most likely be placed there or sent through my Newsletter.

I’ll be keeping you guys updated with changes, but for now this blog is going on a small break.

Thanks For Understanding