2019 Scream Queens To Watch Out For!


Hey Survivor or opening scene victim, whatever you feel like today. I am so pumped to be back writing these blogs. I really hope to start putting out way more content than I was before, but forget about all that. I want to talk about our 2019 Scream Queens & how excited I am for all of these movies!

Taylor Russell- Escape Room


Escape Rooms are all the craze lately. You & a couple of friends get locked in a room (most likely themed, zombies is the one I wanna do.) & with the help of clues, you have to figure out all the puzzles and riddles to get out. Sounds fun right? Now take that concept, throw in mystery that is “Nine Dead” and the traps that gives “Saw” life & now you have “Escape Room” an off the wall mystery, thriller staring Taylor Russell.

Why I Wanna See This:

A few of the reasons I want to see this movie is because of the cast:

  • Jay Ellis from HBO’s “Insecure” & BET’s “The Game”

  • Tyler Labine from “Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil”, “Reaper”, “Deadbeat” & way more awesomeness than I can list.

  • Deborah Ann Woll from HBO’s “Trueblood” & Netflix’s “Daredevil” 

  • Taylor Russell from “Fallen Skies” & Netflix’s “Lost In Space”

All these young actors have been in things that I’ve enjoyed for years now. So, when I saw they were all gonna be in a movie together, I was hyped!

Throw in that it’s a horror movie with a newish concept (a room full of people, who have to fight to avoid death, brought by an unknown force for reasons yet to be explained… isn’t new but doing it in an escape room setting is 😝)

It seems from the promotions that Taylor Russell might be our lead & all around final girl, which is epic. It’s not common to have a young woman of color as a final girl. Jada & Brandy are the two big ones that stand out to me and much like Jada in Demon Knight, Taylor is gonna have to use her wits to make it out alive. I’m hoping this leads to more movie roles for these actors.

Jessica Rothe- Happy Death Day 2 U


If you haven’t seen Happy Death Day, stop reading this and find that movie! It was an amazing ride and it showed the awesomeness that is Jessica Rothe. In part one Jessica played Tree, a self centered college girl, who has to keep reliving her birthday after a mask killer murders her. That concept was cool, but it was Jessica’s portrayal of Tree that made that movie. Tree evolved from a selfish sorority girl who cared about no one (not even her dad)into an epic finale girl that you couldn’t help but root for.

Why I Wanna See This:

Part one was amazing but it left me with one major question, why? Why is this happening to Tree? What makes her so special to experience coming back from the dead and why did finding her killer end it? I’m hoping they answer all these questions in part two.

This time the Babyface Killer is after Tree and her frinends but if she wants to save them, she has to die and die until she figures out this new mystery. I really want them to dive into what it is that makes Tree so special and why does so many people want her dead 😂.

Amy Seimetz- Pet Sematary


Honesty Time:

Up until last year my only experience with Pet Sematary was from watching Pet Sematary 2 (Which I love By the way) I remember not being too pulled into part one when I was younger, so I never gave it a try. Well, last year those awesome people over at Shudder put up a ton of Stephen King movies and I decided to have a mini marathon. I have to say that I loved the original and it made me so excited to see this remake.

Why I Wanna See This:

While I loved the original, I know in this day and age they are able to take this movie to another level. If you don’t believe me look at “IT” the made for TV movie still gave us all nightmares but it didn’t deliver the level of terror that the remake has. There are a few scenes that I can’t wait to see and a lot of them involve Amy Seimetz who is playing Rachel Creed, wife to Louis Creed. While Rachel didn’t play a major role in the original movie, she did produce one of the scariest moments of that old gem. Yes, I’m talking about Zelda! I am so pumped and ready to see how Zelda is portrayed and I really hope we get a longer and more developed flashback in this one.

Octavia Spencer- MA


This sh!t right here 😳 I did not see coming. I also did not notice that Octavia Spencer has been playing around in the horror sandbox for years! She’s been in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2, Drag Me To Hell, & A Time To Kill (that is a damn horror movie, I don’t care what you think)

This go around, Octavia is playing umm 🤔 I’m not even sure what she is. From the trailer it seems that Ma is a loner who lives outside a small town and she allows the teens to party there but slowly they start to question Ma’s real intentions.

Why I Wanna See This:

I have two reasons why I want to see this movie, one is the pure fact that the villain is a black woman, that in itself is enough to take my money.

When it comes to horror, the black community is overlooked at times, slowly things are starting to change but for the Black woman the path seems even harder. They are never the ones to be feared or to solve a problem. The most you’ll ever see a strong black woman in horror is if magic or voodoo comes into play (I kind of feel like there is some black magic in this) so to get an award winning actress as the lead antagonist is an amazing step forward for the genre, half this list is an amazing step forward.

My second reason for wanting to see this movie? I have to know what the hell they did to Ma to make her so crazy and vengeful. I’m dying to see it all unfold.

Lupita Nyong'o- US


Lipita went from fighting to save the kingdom of Wakanda to fighting for her life in Jordan Peele’s New Horror Mystery “US” where a family on vacation are confronted in the middle of the night by a twisted psychotic version of themselves.

Why I Wanna See This Movie:

Because I’m Rooting For Everyone Black! Okay, now that that is out of the way, lets talk facts. Jordan Peele and Blumhouse gave us the genre shattering 2018 movie “Get Out” where a horror story was focused on the fears and views of the black community. It was about Us Vs. Them, but in this latest dive into social unrest it has the Black Community take on their inner demons. So, I am hyped to see what Peele & Nyong’O have in store for us. I always like family based final girls, to know that they aren’t only fighting for their lives but the lives of others, takes the tension to another level.


I saw “US” on it’s opening weekend and even recorded a podcast about it. My initial reaction was:

This is NOT! A horror movie!

I didn’t feel like it fit in my horror box but the horror genre is far to vast to be sealed in a box and as I’ve taken these days to think about the movie and peel back its many layers, I know for a fact, I love this movie. I liked “Get Out” more but this movie really got me thinking and made me want to create! That is the best thing about this movie for me, that it stayed with me. Go see “US” it’s already had the highest opening weekend for an original horror movie! Let’s keep it going strong!

Well that’s it, time to get back to writing horror and watching it. Let me know in the comments what 2019 horror movies you’re excited for.

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