Horror WCW: Kat GrAham As Bonnie Bennett


So, it’s Wednesday & I want to try & do something new. I wanna talk openly about Black Female Horror Icons and their Characters.

Today it’s all about Kat Graham and her soul shaking role as The Vampire Dairies’ Bonnie Bennett. Bonnie was the black girl magic in a very white fantasy world.

I’m not gonna dive into the many ways I think the character was misused, abused and overlooked. No, that’s a blog for another day. Today is about pointing out why Bonnie was actually the core character of the series.

1) She was the only legitimate friendship Elena had

Everyone was treating Elena like some social leopard, because of her parents untimely death (I wish this was a bad tv trope & teens weren’t that evil but documentaries like “Audrie and Daisy” says other wise.) Bonnie stood by Elena. She laughed with her. She cried with her. And she protected her long before anyone else decided to be on team Elena...Bonnie was the Buzz to Elena’s Woody! If Woody had a little brother that Buzz started dating…Moving on!

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2) Bonnie was right from the very start

Vampires are bad news. They feed on people. They can control people. They live too damn long, and people seem to die whenever one is around.

Yet, for some odd reason, even with Twilight and other Vamp universes being shown as fictional tales within the shows’ world…Bonnie was the only one who was firm with her thoughts that maybe it’s not a good idea for these emotionally unstable teenage girls to be hanging out with natural predators who were hundreds of years old.

Yes, I know, Matt hated the supernaturals too but let’s be real. Matt’s hate came from jealousy, while Bomnie’s was born from intuition & understanding that the supernatural world can’t live with the mortal world. I feel Matt knows and understands that at his current level in The CW spin off “Legacies” but before then jealousy, anger & pride is what drove his negative feelings against Vampires.

Read a sneak peek of Planet Dead 3 only in  The Survivor’s Den

Read a sneak peek of Planet Dead 3 only in The Survivor’s Den

3) She respected her elders (some what)

Bonnie always asked her ancestors for help. She always asked her grandma for advice...yeah, she didn’t listen to this advice but the point is she asked...which is more than I can say for anyone else on the show. Bonnie had a mentality that the adults understood more about what was going on with the world, while Elena always came off as if she knew everything and didn’t need guidance of any kind.

We didn’t really get a feel for Bonnie’s family dynamic but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be getting by with having vampire lovers in her room in the middle of the night or sneaking in her stoner fuck buddy.

4) The Sacrifice Queen

They say you can’t be a hero without sacrifices and you can’t be great without giving up a shit load of happiness!

Meet Catherine and the rest of the Planet Dead Crew.  Click Here

Meet Catherine and the rest of the Planet Dead Crew. Click Here

Well if that’s true, Bonnie must be the greatest superhero alive because she gave up everything! She gave up her powers, her life, lost her grandma, her dad, her mom, the ancestors, her life again, every lover throughout the series, her peace in the afterlife, all for her High School BFF. Most of us won’t even like a friend’s car post much less let grandma die for them. Bonnie wasn’t just the MVP, she was the whole damn team and here’s why:

5)They Needed Her For Everything!

You need a daylight ring? Call Bonnie. You need a location spell? Call Bonnie. You need to erase the whole after life? We have a Bonnie for that. Honestly, most of the time I thought it was a cheap story telling device having the witch solve everything but what was worse, Bonnie was always the only one to pay the price for her use of magic.

I was originally gonna go through every season and list how Bonnie saved the day but honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that. So, just enjoy this Bonnie Bennett YouTube Mashup & don’t forget to join my newsletter if you haven’t already.