Gifts For The Horror Fan In Your Life!

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Hey my horror nuts, I hope your day has been bloody glorious! While I normally love to write something that stabs at your inner killer, today I want to speak to our non-horror loving (the ones that close their eyes and scream “I can’t watch this”) friends. I want to talk about gift giving. Be it birthdays, holidays, or a random show of affection, gift giving is hard as hell. I’m here to make it simple, here are five epic gifts, to give to a horror fan!

A Year Worth Of Screams With Shudder:


Do you remember the good old days when horror used to fill our TVs? We had Dark Shadows, Tales From The Crypt, Tales From The Dark Side, Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theatre and so much more. Sadly TV isn’t what it used to be, in-fact cable seems to be dying a slow death, but that doesn’t mean Horror fans have to follow it to the grave. Nope, with the surge of streaming apps there are tons of ways to get our horror fix.


My all time favorite way is with Shudder, an all horror streaming app with a monthly rotation of movies and original content. Shudder is an epic one stop shop, if you like foreign horror, slashers, demons, comedies, Shudder has your fix. The best thing about this gift is it’s cheap and speaks to your horror fan’s heart. Right now you can get a year of Shudder for only $47.88 but if you just want to try it out on your pal then you can pay 4.99 for one month. There is no reason in hell you shouldn’t be getting this for a horror fan or yourself.

When you get it, be sure to check out Horror Noire, Shudder’s first original documentary. It dives into the history of the black community and their impact on the horror genre.

Find Out What’s In The Box, With The Walking Dead AnniversarY Set:


We can debate about how good or how bad AMC’s TWD is for days. I mean I’m still trying to figure out how many more seasons they could have with key characters like Maggie, Machoine & Rick leaving. That madness is a blog for another time, what will never be contested is how awesome TWD comic is. The storytelling, the artwork, it is a black and white love letter to George A. Romero’s “Night Of The Living Dead”

Last October, Robert Kirkman’s life saver to the zombie genre turned 15 years old and while we all got some amazing treats on TWD Day the best thing we got was The Walking Dead Collection Box. This thing is so awesome, I don’t have words for it but thankfully Amazon does:

This deluxe boxset includes COMPENDIUMS 1, 2 and 3—with new covers exclusive to this set—collecting the first 144 issue of the New York Times bestselling survival horror series.

This limited set also includes an exclusive, EXPANDED HERE’S NEGAN trade paperback, which now includes the previously uncollected origins of Michonne, Tyrese, the Governor and Morgan.

With over 3,300 pages of walkers, Saviors and a barbwire bat named Lucille, it’s the most complete collection of THE WALKING DEAD ever assembled—just in time for WALKING DEAD DAY!
— Amazon Product Description

Walker fans rejoice! If you have a friend who’s into zombies, horror or comics then this is right up their alley. The price tag of $130 scares the hell out of me but maybe you’re braver than I.

Take Your Mornings To A Whole Other Horror Level With These TURKEY MERCK Mugs:


Is your horror hound a coffee or hot tea drinker? No? Do they have a massive amount of pens and no where to put them? Also no? Well, they’ll still love these hand crafted mugs from Turkey Merck.


The first time I ever saw one of these things was in a Behind the scenes video on Instagram where they dunked the mug into some liquid to seal it or something. It blew my mind and the fact that they do Zombies, vampires, witch doctors and everything under the horror sun makes it the best gift for a horror fan. Price? Umm around $300, don’t leave! It’s handmade, they’ll love it.

BriNg a Killer Into Your Home With the Hunt a killer subscription Box:


Do you remember a Christmas Story where all the little kid wanted was that red rider BB gun but everyone kept saying “You’ll shoot your eye out” well this is my Red Rider and the shot in the eye is the amount of time this thing will take up in my life! Yet, I’m still so ready for it. I land in the sub-class of horror fans that love murders and creepy mysteries, so I fit in well with the true crime community and this box is king over there.


You get six monthly box’s sent to you by a detective who needs your help solving this case. Slowly you start putting the clues together to figure out who this serial killer is and save this town and your detective friend’s ass (because I’m pretty sure sharing info on an on going investigation is grounds for getting fired.) My Birthday twin Stassi Schroeder from Bravo’s hit reality show Vanderpump Rules, is a horror girl with style and she’s picked one of these boxes up. So, if it’s good enough for that cancer, then it’s good enough for anyone.

You can get your would be Mindhunter a 12 month subscription for $25 dollars a month, so that’s two seasons of murder for $300…I feel like this list is turning into Oprah’s favorite things, nice until you see the price tag.

Let them be among their kind by gETting them tickets to a horror conVention:


Horror Conventions are little drops of sweet beautiful honey, that the horror Gods have given us annually all around the world. If you look hard enough, no matter where you are, in the states or UK, you’ll find a horror convention near by. Some of the ones I would love to attend this year are Walker Stalker Con, Stocker Con, Screamfest & Day Of The Dead.


As horror fans we sometimes don’t get to relate or geek out with people around us because for some odd reason they don’t enjoy blood, guts, and demonic forces hellbent on taking over the world. Why are our views and thoughts on Fredy Vs. Jason not ideal dinner conversation is beyond me but thankfully the horror community has horror conventions we can escape to and be among our horror hound clan.

Conventions have swag, meet and greets, autographs, everything a horror geek will lose they’re mind for. Trust me when I say if you get your horror pal a weekend pass to the local horror convention, they won’t need anything else all year and they will think of you first when the zombies come.

Well that’s all folks! If you have any other great gift ideas, leave them in the comments below. As always, be sure to like, share & subscribe to the blog for some more horror goodness.